The Vishnu Mantra is dedicated to the paalanhar or sustainer of the world.

Vishnu Mantra

The sustainer of the world Lord Sri Hari Vishnu constitutes the trinity of Hindu gods. The chanting of Vishnu Mantra gives one immense pleasure and spiritual solace. The following mantra dedicated to lord Vishnu is a way of praying to the deity. It includes the summary of the role the lord performs and his position in the cosmic settings.

Padmanaabham suresham

Meghavarnam shubhaangam


Vande vishnum

Lord Sri Hari Vishnu is the master of the Universe and looks ever so peaceful while reclining on the great serpent Shesha. It is from the navel of this great lord that Lord Brahma the creative force behind this Universe emerged. He is the ultimate power the one who supports the entire universe. The lord is as limitless as the vast sky and has the color of the dark clouds. He is the Lord of the beautiful goddess Lakshmi; the lotus eyed one. The great yogis remember him during meditation to attain spiritual solace. It is Sri Hari Vishnu who removes the fear from our minds about samsar or the world we live in. Such is our great Prabhu Vishnu to whom we pray.

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