Mantras are usually penned down in Sanskrit language and are means of providing a spiritual discourse.


The Vedas were perhaps the earliest texts which sampled the mantras as part of their writing style. If literally translated the term mantra would mean an "implement of thought". The term mantra is derived from the Sanskrit root 'man' or 'manas' meaning the mind and suffixed by the root 'tra' meaning tool. A mantra is usually a religious or spiritual syllable or poem, not necessarily adhering to the rules of grammar. These mantras provide one with a spiritual discourse and are chanted in a unique way. A mantra is generally used for paying obeisance to the respective lord it is dedicated to, and sometimes it is just meant for spiritual enhancement. Its use and way of utterance hence differs according to the school of philosophy and religion it belongs to

A mantra is a powerful and energy producing sound. A mantra is used in religious rituals or chanted in a particular context, producing patterns of vibrations. It is imperative to chant a mantra with correct pronunciations to have a positive effect. Incorrect chanting of a mantra can boomerang and may result in some unhappy situation. A mere chanting of a mantra without knowing its meaning also serves no good, it is just like a body without a soul. The Sanskrit mantras if uttered with proper knowledge of their meaning can work wonders for one's fortune and spiritual enlightenment.

A mantra makes a Sadhak reflect upon his actions as well as over the meaning of the syllables which provide one with great amount of knowledge and wisdom. While meditating if one chants a mantra initially loudly and gradually to himself, this has a magical effect on the sadhak and takes him to a different spiritual plane. The mantras are often referred by scholars as sound symbols which when ever chanted give you a special energy that cannot be experienced otherwise.

The most common mantra in Hinduism is the 'Gayatri Mantra', also called the mother of all mantras. The mantra is a simple prayer to the lord to remove our ignorance and illuminate our minds with knowledge and intellect. The syllable or mantra which is used in most of the mantras and is deeply sacred to the Hindus is 'Om' or 'pranava' mantra. The ancient repository of knowledge - the Vedas are read only after one chants the sacred mantra 'Om'. The pranava mantra is used in almost all prayers recited for Hindu worship and hence occupies the supreme position in remembering the formless and nameless god.

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