Kali Mantra is a chant recited by yogis to learn siddhis while meditating.

Kali Mantra

Goddess Kali is the ferocious avatar of Devi Shakti, born to remove the terror of demons from earth. The name of goddess Kali is derived from the Sanskrit root 'kal' meaning time. The goddess is believed to be the slayer of all ego a human being possesses. She is hence the goddess of death responsible for killing the ego of a man. The goddess is revered across the country but her popularity is unmatched in the state of West Bengal. Here the goddess is revered in each and every household of a Bengali. The Mantra dedicated to goddess Kali is believed to take one to a different spiritual plane and is specially recited by Yogis during meditation.

Aum Eim Hreem Kleem Sheem Kaaleeshwari
Sarva Jana Mano haarini Sarva mukha Stambhini

Sarba raaj vash karee sarva dushta Nirdalani
Sarva Stree Purushaa Karshinee

vadhee Shrinkhalaa Strotaya Trotaya
Sarva Shatroon Bhanjaya

Bhanjaya Dvesheen Nirdalaya Sarvaan
Stambhaya Stambhaya Mohnaa Strena

Dveshina Muchaataya Uchaataya
Sarvam vasham karu karu svaaha

Dehi dehi sarvaa Kaal raatri Kaamini
Ganeshvaryei Namaha

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