Kuber in Hindu belief is regarded as the god of wealth. Read on to know the mantra dedicated to Lord Kubera.

Kuber Mantra

Lord Kuber is believed to be the lord of riches and wealth in Hinduism. Kuber Sadhana is considered a great way of pleasing the lord to bestow one with wealth and fortune. Kuber is many a times called the treasurer of gods. If pleased with you the lord opens avenues of wealth and riches for believers. Lord Kuber is also believes to be the head of the Yakshas (savage beings). The Yakshas are both human and demon and are responsible for the security of the treasures hidden beneath the earth of the great mountain Himalayas.

"Om yakshyaya kuberaya vaishravanaaya dhanadhanyadi pathayeh
Dhana-dhanya samruthime dehi tapaya swaha"

O great king of the Yakshas, the commander of all wealth and fortune, we pray to you to grant us material wealth and prosperity. By this prayer, O lord kindly hasten the move of granting boons to your devotee.

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