Surya Namaskara Mantra is a unique energizing mantra recited during meditation and yogic asana.

Surya Mantra

Surya Dev is the personification of Sun. The following mantra is dedicated to the sun god. Surya Namaskar Mantra is a unique mantra recited while performing a yogic asana with the same name. With each successive movement of the asana, the mantra is recited. Thus the asana has thirteen postures which begin and end in a namaskar. The mantra is all but salutations to the sun god. The mantra is a recital of various names of Surya Devta. Surya Namaskara is usually performed at sunrise but people perform the asana at any time of the day whenever they are free.

Om Mitraaya Namah
Om Ravaye Namah
Om Sooryaya Namah
Om Bhaanave Namah
Om Khagaaya Namah
Om Pooshne Namah
Om Hiranya Garbhaaya Namah
Om Mareechaye Namah
Om Aadityaaya Namah
Om Savitre Namah
Om Arkaayae Namah
Om Bhaaskaraya Namah
Om Sri Savitra Soorya Narayanaaya Namah

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