This is the mantra dedicated to the creator god Brahma. Reciting it is a great way of praying to the lord.

Brahma Mantra

Constituting the trinity of Hindu gods is Lord Brahma, the creator of the Universe. He is the generator of life on earth, a role which he performed by creating eleven 'Prajapatis' for fathering human race. As the lord commanding supreme knowledge, his four faces represent the 'gyan' (knowledge) of the four Vedas which he continuously recites. The creator lord is especially popular amongst intellectual people, students, scholars, educationists for his extensive hold over knowledge and intellect. Given below is the Sanskrit mantra dedicated to lord Brahma with its meaning.

Om namo rajo jushei sristau
Sthithou sattwa mayayacha
Tamo mayaya sam-harinei
Om brahmanyei namaha

Lord Brahma is 'Om' who created this Universe and to him we pay are salutations. The creation of the cosmic world was achieved by him with the help of three 'gunas' or qualities. The three qualities of nature are the positive, negative and inert qualities. It is Brahma who created all the forms present in this world and to this supreme god I bow down.

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