One of the many forms of Shakti, Goddess Paravati is immensely revered in India. She is the consort of Lord Shiva.


Unique Attributes : Power, Virtuous, marital felicity, fertility, beauty, asceticism
Other Names : Girija, Gauri, Uma, Aparna, Lalitha, Ambika
Consort : Lord Shiva
Children : Ganesha and Kartikeya
Vahan (vehicle) : Lion
Primary Scriptures : Shiva Purana, Lalitha Sahasranama, Matsya Purana, Skanda Purana
Abode : Mount Kailash
Parents : Himavan and Mena

Goddess Parvati is believed to be one of the nine representations of Shakti - the ultimate divine power. She is the consort of Lord Shiva the destroyer and rejuvenator amongst the Trinity of Hindu gods. Goddess Parvati is believed to be the reincarnation of the former consort of Lord Shiva - Sati. She was born to King Himavan, the lord of the mountains and hence is sometimes referred to as Girijaputri (daughter of the king of mountains). After severe penance and trials Goddess Parvati was reunited with Lord Shiva as his wife. She left the luxury of her father's palace to get married to Shiva and live with him on Mount Kailash.

Goddess Parvati is an image of contradiction with both being associated with the form of Goddess Kali - the deity of destruction and being a mother to Lord Ganesha and Kartikeya. Goddess Parvati is believed to be the divine force who with her companionship pacified the ever filled with rage Lord Shiva. As a householder Parvati became Ambika the goddess of marital bliss and motherhood. The couple of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati together constituted the divine form of Ardhanareshwar (half man & half woman). The Ardhanareshwar form of the divine pair wielded the ultimate truth of interdependence of man & woman for procreation and sustenance.

Goddess Parvati is not worshipped as an individual entity but is always seen together with Lord Shiva in numerous shrines. As an individual she is worshipped in her other forms like Kali and Durga. Goddess Parvati is immensely revered by married woman for her image as an ideal householder. In the state of Rajasthan she is specially revered during the festival of Gangaur which is dedicated to Goddess Parvati. Maidens and married woman pray for husbands like Shiva and a happy married life like Shiva-Parvati have led. Some of the famous shrines where either she or her primary forms are worshipped are the 51 Shakti peeths, Visalakshi temple at Banaras, Meenakshi temple at Madurai, Kamakshi Amman temple at Tamil Nadu. Goddess Parvati is one of the most revered Hindu Goddess and is represented in Hindu religion as one holding transcendental knowledge and power.

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