Goddess Kali incarnated as the ferocious form of Devi Shakti to end the terror of the demons. Read on to know more about Maa Kali.


Unique Attributes : Ferociousness, destroyer, angry, compassionate and motherly
Other Names : Rudrani, Bhadrakali, Aadya, Chamunda, Kamakshi
Consort : Shiva
Primary Scriptures : Mundaka Upanishad, Markandeya Purana, Matsya Purana, Kalika Purana
Mula Mantra : Om Kreem Kalikaye Namah

The goddess Kali incarnated from the supreme divine Devi Shakti to put an end to the fright of demon brothers Shumbh Nishumbh. The name of Goddess Kali is derived from the Sanskrit term Kal meaning time. Ma Kali is a symbol of female dynamism in keeping with her strong characteristics. Some great religious scholars and philosophers have questioned the fact that the powerful goddess is a deity of death. They instead suggest that she is the goddess of death in the sense of killing the ego of a human being and hence playing a principal role in removing his vices.

Ma Kali is also believed to be responsible for making one detached from the materialistic world and hence resulting in removing the fear of death from the person's mind. The goddess makes the human beings realize that ultimately man is mortal and has to leave his bodily form. The goddess Kali is sometimes represented as dark blue the color of the stormy weather sky thus signifying her limitless form. The Goddess is usually depicted in her four arm form and in her ferocious Mahakali form she is shown as having ten arms holding weapons she received from all the gods. The goddess while killing the demons is shown with disheveled hair, her tongue sticking out with rage while her neck is adorned by a necklace made of demon heads.

Kaali Mata is revered deeply across all parts of India. People yearning to go to a different spiritual plane religiously pay obeisance to the goddess and meditate taking her name. Her motherly and compassionate form comes to the fore when Lord Shiva goes to the battlefield as a wailing infant, to pacify the goddess who is full of rage after killing the demons. The goddess on noticing the newborn, turns to him to stop him from crying and further breastfeeds him. The followers of Goddess Kali thus revere her as a mother and the goddess without any selfish interests grants boon to her children.

The shrines goddess kali are multiplying in the country day by day. She is especially worshipped to in the state of West Bengal. Dakshineshwar and Kalighat in Kolkatta are perhaps the most popular shrines of goddess Kali where devotees across the country pour in large numbers throughout the year. For the Bengalis goddess Kali is the supreme being and hence a visit to the Kalibadi - where the goddess's idol is kept is mandatory. Here the Ma Kali is not seen as the destroyer but as one who is the granter of blessings and looks after the interests of her believers.

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