A form of Devi Shakti the supreme goddess, Durga Maa is the goddess of vengeance and victory.


Unique Attributes : Power, vengeance, protector, morality, warrior
Other Names : Shakti, Devi, Bhagwati, Jagdamba, Mangalya, Chaturbhuja, Prasanna
Vahan (vehicle) : Tiger
Abode : Trikuta Mountain
Weapon : Trident, long sword, mace, thunderbolt, conch shell, chakra, snake
Primary Scriptures : Markendaya Purana
Mula Mantra : Om Sri Durgayah Namah

Goddess Durga is known by 108 names which her followers utter to please the goddess of victory and vengeance. She is considered to be the supreme reality among the Hindu Gods; the one who as the head of the cosmic world sustains what is right and finishes the evil and the demons. Durga in Sanskrit means the one who is invincible and indomitable. Goddess Durga is believed to be the incarnation of Devi, the integrated character of all the divine forces. The birth of Goddess Durga is dedicated to the threat of the demons to the very existence of the gods. All the Hindu gods are believed to have given some of their divine powers to result in the birth of the powerful and radiant goddess.

As the mother of the Universe the goddess is believed to be complete in herself. In many religious texts she is referred to as the wife of Lord Shiva. She is Mahishasura-Mardini Durga for assassinating the ferocious demon Mahishasura. On her birth she was mounted on a fierce tiger and looked immensely beautiful as well as brutal. The goddess is depicted in Hindu texts as having ten powerful hands all full with different weapons. She has Shiva's trident, Vishnu's chakra, Kuber's mace and Indra's thunderbolt as her weapons. Goddess Durga is a symbol of female dynamism and is believed to be the force behind the power and energy of Lord Shiva.

The Durga form of Devi is the most worshipped incarnation of Shakti. Goddess Durga's love for her children as the mother of universe is ever enduring. She is worshipped both for her ferocious and motherly form. There are numerous shrines in India which are dedicated to Goddess Durga. The most popular of Hindu festivals the nine day long Navratras and Durga Puja are dedicated to Goddess Durga and are celebrated in great fervor and spirit across North India and West Bengal. In common Hindu belief when ever there is a rise of the demonic forces and inequity is created then the gods unite in one single form of Shakti or Durga.

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