In Hindu belief the female form of the divine is as important as the male form. Know about the Hindu goddesses here.

Hindu Goddesses

In the Hindu Scriptures, the "Devi" has always acquired a prominent position. Hindu religion has a vast range of Goddesses, who symbolize different aspects of nature and qualities. The feminine aspect of the divine is most pronounced in Hinduism, with female deities being worshipped in large numbers across India and beyond. The supreme divine being in Hinduism is believed to be the "Shakti", from whom nine forms of the female divine emerged. The worship of the different forms of Shakti is the most common way of praying to the female divine. For the Indian woman, Shaktism has in fact become a symbol of the strength a woman enjoys.

The Devis in Hinduism are the manifestation of one supreme being and symbolize the different aspects of this divine being. Goddess Lakshmi is hailed as the goddess of wealth, Saraswati as the goddess of learning and Kali as the destroyer. The goddesses in Hinduism have always earned the place of a mother and are hailed as the 'mother of the Universe'. In Hindu belief a man is incomplete without the involvement of woman in his life. Most of the Hindu gods are hence seen with their consorts, to reinstate this belief. Across India and beyond numerous shrines and 'tiraths' are dedicated to these female goddesses. Vaishno Devi, Mansa Devi, Jwala Devi etc are some of the popular pilgrimage centers devoted to Hindu goddesses.

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