The consort of Lord Vishnu, Lakshmi Ma is believed to be the goddess of wealth.


Unique Attributes : Wealth, success, fortune, compassion, fertility, valor, beauty, generosity
Other Names : Aishwarya, Padma, Sridevi, Narayana, Mangala, Jaya, Chandravadana, Kamakshi, Aditi, Surabhi, Vidya
Primary Scriptures : Vishnu Purana
Consort : Lord Vishnu
Vahan (Vehicle) : Owl
Abode : Vaikuntha
Mula Mantra : Om Sri Maha Lakshmyai Namah

Goddess Lakshmi is the consort of Sri Hari Vishnu and is the deity of wealth, prosperity and beauty. Perhaps it is goddess Lakshmi who is the most popular household deity and is worshipped across the country in every Hindu household. As the consort of Sri Vishnu the goddess has incarnated as Sita and Rukmini to perform the rites of a wife whenever the Lord has incarnated in human form. In Vaishnavism Ma Lakshmi is considered the supreme goddess and not merely the goddess of wealth. Goddess Lakshmi is in Hindu scriptures referred to as an avatar of Devi Shakti. In the Vishnu Purana she is known as the daughter of Sage Bhrigu.

Ma Lakshmi is known as the goddess of wealth, but is notable to never stay with those people who are lazy and desire excessive wealth and do not connect with her on a spiritual plane. If the goddess is pleased by her believers then she brings immense fortune and auspiciousness to his house. She halts only in those houses where righteousness and morality prevails; in due course she is bound to leave the houses of ill minded. In many of the scriptures she is believed to be a pre-Vedic deity associated with fertility. The Goddess's name is mostly on top of any important document or business deals to ensure that the divine goddess blesses the work with her presence.

Goddess Lakshmi as the consort of Sri Hari Vishnu resides in Vaikuntha and is often depicted as a dedicated wife to him. As an individual the goddess is shown as standing on a Lotus flower, having four arms. In her three arms she is shown holding lotus flowers and the third one raised in blessing, showering wealth from it. Her beautiful physical form bedecked with jewellery is thus in harmony with her role of a goddess of wealth and grace and beauty. The goddess is shown in hues of pink, white and gold enhancing her beautiful form.

There are several shrines dedicated to Goddess Lakshmi but she is often prayed to, together with her husband Lord Vishnu. Some of the famous shrines in India dedicated to her are Mahalaxmi temple in Mumbai and Kohlapur, Laxmi-Narayan temple in Jaipur, Padmavati temple Tirupati. Ma Laxmi is revered widely across India and often appears in daily prayers. But the holy day associated with Lakshmi Puja is Diwali, which is the biggest festival of the Hindus. On this day the goddess is invoked with full dedication by singing praises to her and making beautiful rangolis to invite the goddess. People leave there houses open in the night expecting that the goddess might halt at their houses. Ma Lakshmi despite being the goddess of wealth and fortune never promotes materialism and as a consort of Vishnu merely aids him in sustaining mankind on earth.

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