Devi Shakti is the divine mother and personification of the holy feminine aspect.


Unique Attributes : Divine mother, strength, compassion, energy, power
Shakti Peeths : 51 Shakti peeths in India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Tibet, Nepal, Pakistan. E.g. Katyani Devi, Mansa Devi, Naina Devi, Vaishno Devi etc.
Forms of Shakti : Parvati, Sati, Durga, Kali, Uma, Kamakshi, Lakshmi
Consort : Shiva / Vishnu / Brahma

Shakti in Hindu belief is the all encompassing divine mother who is the supreme feminine being and it is from her that other forms of goddesses take birth. Shakti literally means energy and power and it is she who is the original force behind the creation and sustenance of the Universe. She is the Shakti behind the trinity of Gods and their avatars as their consorts. There are varied forms she acquires in keeping with the situation. At one point she becomes Durga or Kali acquiring a deadly and ferocious form to end the reign of demons from earth. In a friction of second she turns into Gauri or Kamakshi the ever enduring figure of motherly love and compassion.

Shakti as the underlying force of the entire Universe is generally referred to as Devi which is derived from the Sanskrit root 'div' meaning to shine. The Mahadevi or Shakti is the supreme cosmic being who despite the destruction of everything is the one which is going to remain. She is the Universal creator, destroyer, sustainer and mother all in one. Without her consent nothing in this world can function. As mentioned above every god in Hindu belief has his Shakti and without her he has no power.

Shakti is known to have taken birth in her nine forms which all have different attributes. In some Hindu mythological accounts there is variation and it is believed that the Devi Shakti was married only to Lord Shiva with their birth over successive years. The nine forms of Devi Shakti are as follows - Sati, Parvati, Gayatri, Rudrani, Narayani, Chamunda, Ganga, Laxmi and Kali. There are fifty one Shakti peeths across India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Burma, Sri Lanka where Shakti is worshipped in different forms. These Shakti peeths are believed to be the places where Devi Sati's parts fell after she gave up herself in the holy fire. Shakti is the primeval source of energy and is the ultimate personification of the feminine divine aspect.

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