Believed to be the seventh incarnation of Lord Vishnu, Bhagwan Ram is considered the ideal man in human birth. Read further to know more.

Lord Rama

Unique Attributes : Ideal son, Ideal King, morality, virtue, honesty, love for all, sacrifice.
Other Names : Ramachandra Ji, Sri Ram, Maryada Purushottam.
Consort : Sita Ji
Primary Scripture : Ramayana, Ram Charitmanas
Parents : Dahratha and Kaushalya
Mula Mantra : Om Sri Ramaye Namah

Lord Ram for ages has been the symbol of virtue and chivalry and the most preached God among the Hindus. He is the most famous incarnation of Lord Sri Vishnu. Lord Ram is said to have taken birth on this earth in human form to obliterate the evil forces from here. It is believed that Sri Rama took birth in the kingdom of Kosala in Ayodhya to King Dashratha and his Queen Kaushalya. An ideal son and king, a man of virtues and morals he is popularly referred to as 'Maryada Puroshottam' literally meaning the perfect man. Lord Rama throughout his life stuck to Dharma to perform any action despite the many hardships as a result of this he had to face.

Ramayana of Sage Valmiki and Ram Charitmanas of Tulsidas are the two principal texts from where we get all the information about Lord Sri Ram. Religious heads believe that Rama lived in the Treta Yuga; his worship was all the more popularized with the writing of Ramacharitmanas. In common parlance among the Hindus when people address each other they simply utter Ram! Ram! In the Ramayana the Lord is portrayed as fighting the evil Ravana of Lanka who abducted his wife Sita. The righteous Lord in the Great War defeats Ravana and frees the people of Lanka with the unjust rule of their king.

The most devoted follower of Lord Rama is Sri Hanuman Ji who is always shown in the picture of Lord Sri Ram, Laxman and Sita. Ram Navami is celebrated every year on ninth day of Chaitra Masa Suklapaksha Navami. It is celebrated to mark the birth and marriage of Sri Ram to Sita. The most popular of Hindu festivals Dusshera and Diwali are associated with Lord Sri Rama. Dusshera is celebrated as the day the Lord exterminated the evil demon Ravana and Diwali marks the return of Prabhu Sri Ram to Ayodhya after an exile of fourteen years. Ayodhya, Ujjain and Rameshwaram are considered the prime places of pilgrimage by the followers of Sri Ram. The manifestation of love, devotedness and sacrifice, Lord Ram is deeply embedded in every Hindu heart.

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