Hailed as the king of planets Surya Devta is an ancient nature god of the Hindus. Find out more about Surya Dev here.


Unique Attributes : Radiance, fire, power, life
Other Names : Ravi, Suraj, Aditya, Adit, Bhaskar, Pusha, Divakar, Bhanu
Consort : Saranyu, Chhaya
Children : Shani, Yama, Yamuna, Tapti
Vahan (vehicle) : A chariot drawn by seven horses
Mula Mantra : Om Suryaye Namah

Surya Dev is perhaps the most ancient god revered in Hindu belief. In the six sects initiated by Adi Shankracharya, Souram is the sect devoted to Lord Surya. Lord Surya can be called the only god in Hindu belief who can be seen and prayed to in daily life. The sun is personified as Surya Dev in Hindu belief. Sun God is believed to be the King of all the planets and is responsible for controlling all their movements. Thus he is the major god amongst the Navgrahas. Saturn or Shani Dev happens to be the son of Surya devta.

The Sun god in Hindu belief is depicted as having a body as shiny and radiant as pure gold. He is believed to be a golden red man with three eyes and four arms, riding a chariot driven by seven white horses. The sun lord is the life giver, sustaining all life on earth by providing all radiance and energy. He by mounting the wheel of time is also the one who is responsible for the beautiful seasons and causing the cycle of day & night. In the Vedas Surya Dev is referred to as the god of light who is responsible for all life on earth.

Surya Dev is perhaps the oldest among the pantheon of Hindu gods to be worshipped. The lord is prayed in the simplest way by folding one's hands in a namaskar at the time of sunrise. A simple chant of Om Suryaye Namah also pleases the lord. The idols of Surya Dev are found in most of the Hindu shrines. Even while bathing in the holy Ganges people first pay salutations to the Sun god. Shrines solely dedicated to Surya dev are also found in India. Surya temple at Ranakpur is an ancient temple dating back to the fifteenth century. Another famous temple dedicated to Surya dev is found in Konark, Orissa.

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