There are around 330 million gods in Hinduism, get to know about the major Hindu gods here.

Hindu Gods

In Hinduism a vast range of deities are worshipped by the followers of the faith. According to the Puranas, there are around 330 million gods in Hindu belief. The gods are worshipped in many forms symbolizing a unique diversity and dynamism within the religion. The large number of gods are, but a means of attaining spiritual solace with a different path. The pantheon of gods are nothing but a manifestation of one supreme reality or truth, 'Brahman', to which all Hindus abide. The belief in a supernatural being is what binds the worship of all the Hindu gods in one thread.

The trinity of Hindu gods Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh are the three principal deities in Hinduism. It is from the trinity that the Shaivite and Vaishnavite sects emerged in Hinduism. The sons, consort and forms of Shiva constitute the pantheon of gods worshipped by the Shaivites. And similarly the sons, consort and forms of Vishnu are worshipped by the followers of Vaishnavism. Despite this segregation, Hindu gods are worshipped together at one shrine regularly.

The Hindu gods have over ages taken birth in human form, whenever the need arose and when evil superseded good. The term Bhagwan is used for the Hindu deities, irrespective of their gender. Bhagwan is used to symbolize the personal aspect of the Hindu god; in common parlance Hindus address gods as bhagwan. In the Hindu shrines one will find the deities being depicted in a different physical form from the other. The worship and rituals associated with the Hindu gods are as old as the religion itself. For the Hindus worshipping the Hindu gods is a means to attain spiritual comfort and satisfy their philosophical and religious hunger.

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