Lord Brahma is the creator of the Universe and constitutes the trinity of Hindu Gods. Read on to know more about Lord Brahma.

Lord Brahma

Unique Attributes : Creator, knowledge, generator, calmness,
Other Names : Hiranyagarbha, Nabhija, Kanja
Abode : Brahmalok
Consort : Saraswati
Vahan (Vehicle) : Swan (hans)
Primary Scriptures : Brahma Purana, Padma Purana, Markandeya Purana.

Lord Brahma is perhaps the sole Hindu God who over the years has maintained his distinctive identity as the creator and is not really manifested into other forms. Lord Brahma completes the trinity of Hindu Gods and performs the role of creation and generation of life on earth. Hence Lord Brahma was the one who created eleven 'Prajapatis' for fathering the human race. Lord Brahma himself is believed to have taken birth from the navel of Sri Vishnu emerging on top of a thousand petal lotus flower; hence he is sometimes addressed as Nabhija. Brahma's consort is Devi Saraswati the goddess of learning and arts. She adequately symbolizes Lord Brahma's ingenious force. Brahma's vahan (vehicle) is the white swan which is a reflection of the Lord's righteous action and sense of honorable discrimination. The swan in Hindu mythology is believed to have the unique power of discriminating between milk and water from a mixture of both these substances, thus manifesting Brahma's sense of justice.

Lord Brahma is usually depicted as four armed and bearing four heads seated on the Lotus flower. The four faces of Brahma represent the four Vedas - the source of all knowledge; the lord continuously recites the four Vedas from his mouths. The four arms of the lord represent his knowledge about the undertakings in all the four directions and are thus a symbol of his omnipresence. In northern India Lord Brahma is usually depicted as having a long white beard which signify the immense wisdom the Lord has and as well as the never ending cycle of creation and destruction.

Lord Brahma's biggest temple is to be found in the Pushkar town of Rajasthan where a festival dedicated to the Lord is celebrated in the lunar month of Kartika. However unlike other Hindu gods, Lord Brahma does not enjoy a powerful position in temple worship nor are there many festivals dedicated to the Lord. There are many a legends woven around the non-popularity of worship of Lord Brahma. These include a different tale of curse the lord received from Goddess Saraswati, Lord Shiva, Narad Muni and Brahmarishi Bhrigu. Brahma however symbolizes knowledge and intellect and hence is popularly worshipped by students, teachers, scientists and scholars with great reverence.

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