Lord Shiva aarti is a wonderful way of worshipping Indian god, Shiv. Read about the arti of Shiva.

Shiva Aarti

God Shiva is one of the principal deities of the Hindus. Shiva is different from all other Indian gods and goddesses because He is as intense as He is mellow. The aarti of Shiva sung by his devotees speak in praise of the Lord. It is always sung after a prayer is performed in his obeisance. Not just Shiv aarti, even elaborate fire worship is observed in Indian homes on the occasion of Maha Shivratri puja. The prayer conducted to the Lord is meant to relieve the believer of all afflictions.

In the Shiva arti, Lord Shiv befits the name 'Maheshwara' as it denotes one who is the creator, preserver and the destroyer of this universe. His true devotees view Indian gods Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh all combined into one Supreme Being 'Om'. Swami Shivananda says one who recites the Shiva aarti (given below) with full dedication will attain fulfillment of his heart's desires. The Shiva aarti is indeed a melodious way of remembering the Lord.

Jai Shiv omkara, Prabhu jai Shiv omkara
Brahma Vishnu Sadaashiv ardhangi dhara,
Om Har Har Mahadeva....

Ekanan, chaturanan, panchaanan raje,
Hansasan GarudaSan Vrishvahan saje,
Om Har Har Mahadeva....

Do bhuj, charu chaturbhui dashmukh ati sohe
Tinon rup nirakhte tribhuvan janmohe,
Om Har Har Mahadeva....

Akshyamaala banamala mundmal dhari
Chandan mrigmad sohai, bhale shubhkari,
Om Har Har Mahadeva....

Shvetambar Pitambar Bagambar ange,
Brahmadik Sankaadik Pretadik sange,
Om Har Har Mahadeva....

Kar madhye kamandalu au trishul bhari,
Sukhkari dukhahaari jagpalankari,
Om Har Har Mahadeva....

Brahma Vishnu Sadashiv janat avivekaa,
Pranavakshar men shobhit ye tinon eka,
Om Har Har Mahadeva....

Trigun svaami ki arti jo koi nar gave
Kahat Shivanand svami man vaanchhit phal pave,
Om Har Har Mahadeva.

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