The aarti of Maa Kali speaks about the magnanimity of the Indian goddess, Kaali. Read about Kali arti.

Kali Aarti

Kali aarti is sung widely across India at all shrines as well as temples (kalibari) dedicated to this Indian goddess. Maa Kali aarti or hymn praises Goddess Kali because she frees her devotees of all miseries and ailing. In Indian culture and tradition, Maa Kali is upheld as one who looks after the interests of the entire Universe. She is believed to even acquire a ferocious 'Mahakali' form to destroy the demons and free the earth of all evil and terror.

The aarti or arti dedicated to Maa Kali honors this feminine energy of power. It says O Mother Goddess, you are the one who comes to the aid of her believers and rids them of all their sufferings. You are the power of Lord Sri Hari Vishnu and are sung in the prayers of Lord Shiva. The beautiful arti of Maa Kaali is perhaps the best way to show one's dedication and affection to this goddess. Read below the aarti of Goddess Kaali.

Prema Sahitaa Nita Karun Aarti
Mahaakaalii Maiyaa Ki

Ari Dala Daranii Mangalaa Bharanii
Dukhaaharinii Sukhadaiyaa Ki

Tuma Hii Agama Bhava Bharane Waali
Tuma Hii Jagataa Laya Karane Waali

Tuma Hii Kashta Lakhi Nija Bhaktana Para
Aakara Turata Sahaiyaa Ki

Tumhin Prabala Ho Hari Kii Shakti
Rudra Bhava Shankaraa Kii Bhakti

Tumhin Janani Patavaara Banii
Ika Sevaka Sundaraa Naiyaa Kii