Shree Ganesha aarti is a hymn dedicated to Hindu god, Ganesh who is also called Ganpati. Read on Ganesh arti.

Ganesha Aarti

The Ganesha aarti is a popular Hindu devotional song dedicated to the elephant deity, Ganpati. Ganesh aarti is sung in praise of Shree Ganesh and is recited very reverently in all Hindu households. Lord Ganesha is also called Vighneshwara because he is believed to be the remover of impediments. He is, therefore, paid obeisance to by all Hindus when initiating any new task. To understand the meaning of Shree Ganesha aarti, read on.

Greetings to you O great Lord Ganesha, son of Parvati and Mahadeva Shiv Shankar. O great lord, you are the one-tusked, four-armed deity, whose forehead is marked by vermilion and rides a mouse. You are the one who gives vision to the blind and form to the paralytic, son to the childless, fortune to the poor, greetings to you O Ganesha. Glory to you, O Ganesha. We devotees offer you betel leaves, flowers, dry fruits and sweets which you delightedly accept as offerings. All the sages attend to you O glorious lord. Glory to you O lord Ganesha.

Jai Ganesh Jai Ganesh, Jai Ganesh deva
Mata jaki Parvati, Pita Mahadeva
Ek dant dayavant, char bhuja dhari
Mathe sindur sohai, muse ki savari,
Jai Ganesh...

Andhan ko ankh det, kodhin ko kaya
Banjhan ko putra det, nirdhan ko maya,
Jai Ganesh....

Pan chadhe, phul chadhe, aur chadhe meva
Ladduan ka bhog lage, saht kare seva,
Jai Ganesh....

Jai Ganesh, Jai Ganesh, Jai Ganesh deva,
Mata jaki Parvati, Pita Mahadeva.

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