Indian festival recipes" section contains easy Indian festival recipes. You can try these recipes on different festivals in India.

Indian Festival Recipes

Multicultural land of India has numerous festivals that include religious events, harvest festivals, national festivals and celebrations and local and regional festivals. Most of the festivals have specific foods and desserts associated with them. In most of the Hindu festivals, vegetarian recipes are the ones that are considered auspicious for the day and are offered to the respective deities as ‘prasad’ or ‘offering’. There are specific things that should and should not be served to particular deities based on mythological legends. Sweets are a major constituent in Indian festival cuisine, though the accompanying feast for family, friends and the loved ones and special dishes prepared to greet guests on such special occasions may include spicy preparations too.

Holi, the festival of colors, can never be in its true colors without the mouth-watering ‘Gujjias’ and ‘Thandai’ as the cool drink and not even Hindus can resist the delicious ‘Sewaiyan’ prepared in the homes of Muslims on ‘Eid’. These delicacies taste a little more special on the day of the festival because of the subtle elements of love and faith, which are used as some of the rare ingredients when we prepare them. The recipes of the festival were originally tailored according to the ingredients easily available in the area and the season. These festival recipes also took into consideration the health of the people. With ingredients being easily available and ever evolving, the methods of cooking have been adapted to modern style, preferences and the taste of the individuals.

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