Here are some delicious recipes for the Durga puja celebration.

Durga Puja Recipes

Any festival in India is incomplete without food. Whenever we talk of festival we think of the special dishes prepared for the occasion. Festival cooking is a part of all celebration. Durga Puja is also one of the festivals where special emphases on sweets are given. Other than sweets different kinds of other dishes are also prepared. This festival is mainly celebrated in the West Bengal, which is famous for sweets. Durga Puja is the festival of fun and feasting. It is the time when people have the liberty to eat what ever they like. Different kinds of sweets are available in the market. You can choose from a wide variety of range. Other than sweets you can make various other items at home, which are easy to cook and very delicious to eat. Begalis are known for their delicious delicacies. Here are list of some traditional delicacies, which will make your celebration all the more exciting and happening.

These are some of the recipes, which you can try:

Aloo Posto Recipe | Chola Dal Recipe