Find out the different ways of Christmas celebration in India.

Christmas in India

Every year, Christmas is celebrated on December 25 to commemorate the birth anniversary of Jesus Christ. This auspicious occasion is a prime festival of Christian community and hence, is celebrated zestfully around the world. Christmas conveys his message of love, tolerance and brotherhood. Though, it is a religious festival of Christians, it has a special significance in everyone's life. In India, Christmas is widely celebrated by the people of all religions and communities. December 25 or Christmas Day is a public Holiday in India.

Like any other religious festival, the celebration of Christmas begins month before the day of festival. During Christmas week, markets and shopping places are embellished with different types of Christmas gifts and Christmas items. People prepare themselves for the festival by decorating their houses. Cakes, Candles, Christmas Carol and most importantly, Christmas tree are the attractions. Churches and other public places are decorated elegantly to celebrate the festival with great zeal. On the day of festival, people perform prayers at the Church and wish everyone with open heart and sacred soul. Also, various cultural programmes are organized across the nation to make this auspicious day memorable for everyone. Santa distributes gifts to the children and listens to their demands with a smile.

The festival of Christmas reflects the cultural unity of India as on this auspicious occasion, the whole nation comes together and celebrates the birth anniversary of Jesus Christ. This cultural unity sets an excellent example of brotherhood and humanism. British and European invaders brought Christianity into India and now it has become an integral part of the country. The doctrines and philosophy of Christianity has attracted people of many sections and hence, India has a large population of Christian community at present.

On the occasion of Christmas, people in India decorate banana or mango tress instead of traditional pine tree and also light up their homes through small clay lamps or candles, just as Hindus do during the celebration of Diwali. Churches across India are decorated with poinsettia flowers for the midnight mass. As a part of celebration, people exchange gifts on this auspicious day and donate of money to poor people so as to bring happiness in their lives. South India has large population of Christians and hence, it witnesses wide celebration of Christmas. The most visited place during Christmas in India is Goa, where people from across the world come to celebrate Christmas. In Goa, all hotels are jampacked during Christmas period and one must plan well in advance if planning a stay in one of the Goa hotels. Lavish party and ceremonial programmes are organized by the local community to attract tourists.

Though the country has only 2.3% population of Christians, it celebrates the auspicious occasion of Christmas with passion and pomp. The Unity in diversity of India can be seen during the celebration of Christmas. Bright light, great food and lavish parties are synonymous to Christmas celebration in India. Marketers also enjoy the festive season of Christmas as a large no of people go out for shopping during Christmas.

Christmas Cards
Christmas is the most important festival of Christians and is widely celebrated across the world by the followers of Christianity with great pomp and gusto. On this sacred occasion, people commemorate the birth anniversary of Jesus Christ and spread the message of humanity and love everywhere.

Christmas Decorations
Christmas brings love and happiness into the family. This is the occasion, when friends and family members gather at one place and celebrate the bond of togetherness with love. Being the birth anniversary of Jesus Christ, this festival has a great significance in Christianity. On the day of Christmas, prayers are offered to the almighty at the Church in a traditional manner.

Christmas Gifts
Christmas is the time to be jolly and spread festival cheer among one and all. On this festive occasion, what could be a better way to let your near and dear ones know what they mean to you than wishing Merry Christmas through wonderful Christmas gifts. For many, this may turn into an uphill shopping struggle.

Christmas Recipes
Food plays an important part in any celebration. The pattern of food depends on the mode of celebration. During Christmas celebration, cakes and cookies have crucial role to create the right ambience for the occasion. The event of Christmas is very special occasion for all of us, especially for children.

History of Christmas
Christmas is the celebration to mark the birth of Jesus of Nazareth. People around the world irrespective of their religion celebrate this event with great enthusiasm. In many countries across the world, this day is considered as a civil holiday. In United States, this day is a federal holiday

Christmas Customs & Traditions
The customs and traditions associated with a particular festival reflect historical connection and human emotion attached with it. Christmas festival is celebrated on December 25 all over the world. Different countries celebrate this ceremony through different customs.