Christmas Cards are the ultimate source of wishing Christmas to friends and family members. Here, you can find exclusive details about different types of Christmas Cards.

Christmas Cards

Christmas is the most important festival of Christians and is widely celebrated across the world by the followers of Christianity with great pomp and gusto. On this sacred occasion, people commemorate the birth anniversary of Jesus Christ and spread the message of humanity and love everywhere. From the days of sober and simple Christmas cards, we have entered the age of Christmas SMS & e-cards, which have become immensely popular, particularly among the youths all over the world. When it comes to convey a message or wishing someone close to heart, one thing that comes in mind is, Greeting Cards. Greetings are the ultimate source to express your regards towards friends and family members. The tradition of giving greeting Cards on the occasion of Christmas is ancient old. Earlier, people used to send hand made greeting cards to their friends and family members. Over the years, the lifestyle of people has been changed exceptionally and so as the expression of greeting cards has also been changed. Browsing through the article, you can find exclusive details about different types of Christmas greeting cards.

Let's talk about the paper made greeting cards that people have been sending to their loved ones on the occasion of Christmas since a long time. There are so many ways to prepare a paper Christmas cards. But, one has to put a great effort and creativity. Here, we have given methods of preparing Christmas cards.

Making Christmas Cards at Home

Snowflake Christmas Card
Material Required
  • Plain black card
  • A single hole punch (or nail punch and hammer)
  • Silver foil paper
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Cutting mat or chopping board
  • White ink pen
  • Keeping in mind the size of the card you want to make, take a plain black card.
  • Thereafter, open the card up and hold it face down in order to cover the other side. Starting from the center, punch a hole right in the middle and follow your snowflake patterns outwards from there.
  • Once the punching is done, cut a square of silver foil paper and glue it to the un-punched side of the card. One thing you should take care of is, the shape of silver foil.
  • Now, you card is ready. Write a message as per your desire on the silver foil and present it to your loved ones.
Christmas Tree Cards
Material Required
  • A4 sheet red card
  • A4 sheet patterned Christmas paper
  • Assorted rhinestones
  • Scissors and/or craft knife
  • Cutting mat
  • Butter knife
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Double sided tape
  • Craft glue
  • Foam tape (optional)
  • Initially, you'll need to cut the A4 sheet and patterned Christmas paper as per the size o card you want.
  • Afterwards, use a pencil and a spare piece of card to make a Christmas tree. Once the tree is prepared as per your desire, cut it out to create a template.
  • Paste the template tree in the center of the card. Now, the front of your card is prepared.
  • Trace around the right hand side (only) of template tree from top of the star to the center of the base. Remove the template and use a butter knife and ruler to draw a line from the top of the traced tree to the bottom. Now, cut the half of the template tree by using craft knife.
  • Pop out the right hand side of template tree shape and fold back the left hand side. Use double sided tape or foam tape to create a 3D effect.
  • After finishing the front cover, look at the inside of the card. Glue the piece of patterned Christmas paper over the cut-out section ensuring the pattern is visible through the front of the card.
  • Now, paste rhinestone on the top of the Christmas tree template by using craft glue.
  • Your Christmas card is ready. Write personal message to your loved ones and send it to them.
If it's not possible to make Christmas Cards, you can get ready made Christmas Cards from card galleries, such as Archies. Moreover, you can also get exclusive Christmas card, online.