A brother is the most precious gift that god blesses a sister with. This article will help you choose the best gift for him on this Raksha Bandhan.

Rakhi Gifts for Brother

The festival of Rakhi is one of those occasions that bring a smile on everyone's faces, right from children to elderly. This pious occasion celebrates the unbreakable sweet and salty relationship between a brother and sister, who fight over small things all the while, but, when push comes to shove, stand by each other no matter what. This selfless love is celebrated in the form of Raksha Bandhan throughout India. On this scared day, other than tying the traditional rakhi on their brother's wrist, both siblings also exchange gifts with one another. Sisters have, in particular, a tough time selecting an appropriate gift for their brothers, since they would like to get something useful as well as enjoyable for their brothers, which is no simple task. This article will help make things simpler for you. Listed here are some ideal rakhi gift ideas for a brother.

These are great gift options only if you know your brother's size. You can buy some trendy, sporty casuals for him; however, if he is working, then go for sober formals. There are a wide range of men's clothing options available in the market, right from witty captioned T-shirts to branded shirts. Choose any of these depending upon your brother's taste. You can also buy a well matched set of shirt and trouser for him that will always remind him of you whenever he opens his wardrobe. If your brother is about to step in the cooperate world, then you can gift him a sophisticated designer tie; he'll appreciate your thoughtfulness.

If you have a brother who is a working professional and wears formal suits to office, presenting him with a pair of cufflinks is a fabulous idea. There is a wide range and style of cufflinks available in the stores. While choosing from the large variety, do keep in mind your brother's taste, style and age. There are various designer brands in the market that sell diamond to precious stones studded cufflinks, which can also be added on the list depending upon your budget. Otherwise, the best option is to go for simple yet stylish ones that fit in all kinds of budget. Your brother will definitely love the thought that you have put in while selecting a gift for him.

Leather Belts
It is not just girls who crave for accessories but guys also love to accessorize their looks by adding some zing to their attire. Trendy leather belts top the list. These can be found in different shades and designs; while some go well with denims, others accentuate formal wear. Black and brown are basic shades to go for. Else, you can also go for burgundy, light brown and various other shades present in the market. Choose depending on the clothes that your brother loves to flaunt.

This is another delightful gift option that has a wide range to choose from and has something that suits all age groups. If you have a kid brother, you can get him a trendy Disney watch with his favorite cartoon character and he'll sure jump up in joy. Stylish sports watches with numerous features are a perfect gift idea for a teenage brother, while a sophisticated posh watch with leather or plain silver strap will be an appropriate gift for an elder or working brother.

Boys will be boys and no matter what their age, guys are crazy about gadgets. All you need to do is find out what your brother lusts for and get the same. You could just turn into his favorite sister for the rest of his life. There are endless options for gadgets out there. As such, if finalizing one gets difficult, go for the latest device, be it is a phone, camera, play station, X box or kindle, depending upon his tastes and hobbies.

If your brother is a family man, then you can present him with something that is not too individualistic but can be enjoyed by the entire family, like a magnificent showpiece made of terracotta, wood or glass. You can also gift him a tasteful painting or well-crafted photo frame.

Books and Novels
If your brother is a studious kind and loves to read, then what could be a better present for him than a great collection of books! Find out his favorite author and gift him his latest work. You'll be rewarded with the broadest grin that you've ever seen on his face. The book shall always be a cherished possession for him not just because it is a good read but a priceless gift from his dearest sister.

Pens and pen stands are classic gift ideas that can be presented to a person of any age group. A stylish, sleek and light weight pen is always appreciated. So, buy something that suits your brother's style statement. For pen stands, you have plenty to select from, ranging from funky to sober styles.

CDs and DVDs
These can be another great gift items for your brother; present him with a collection of his favorite latest or classic movies and songs. You can also get a CD written with a number of television series. This will definitely show your brother that his interest mattered to you. Remember! It's not the price, but the gesture that counts, after all.