Sending Rakhi Cards has become an indispensable part of Rakhi Festival to convey the message of love and respect between siblings.

Rakhi Cards

Sometimes it becomes quite impossible to celebrate the festival of Rakhi personally for those sisters or brothers who stay away from each other for varied reasons. There is a saying, “Where there's a will there's a way”. That is why distance of location does not imply any hindrance for them who truly love their brothers and sisters and want to celebrate this special bondage. At present age, there are a number of ways to make this joyful event memorable in case the siblings cannot meet with each other personally. Sending Rakhi cards by post or sending Rakhi SMS or e-cards through internet are some of the ways among them.

Purpose of Rakhi Cards
With the change of our lifestyle, the patterns of festivals have gone through certain types of modifications. The arrival of Raksha Bandhan or Rakhi Greetings cards is to prove the fact that change in celebration process is necessary to adjust with present circumstances. These types of cards reflect one's sincere love and care towards his /her sibling. They are available in various designs. Usually these cards bear a Rakhi and tilak in a pouch with it to ease the pressure of sisters to buy these products separately. The card conveys the respect towards the beautiful bondage of siblings through catchy language.

Handmade Rakhi Cards
Sending handmade Raksha Bandhan cards gives the celebration a personal touch. It is true that readymade Rakhi cards lessen one's pressure. Yet, a handmade card for such occasion is a way to express to your sibling that you always pray for his well being and protection from negative aspects of life. That is why you have devoted so much time in preparing this card. Moreover, handmade card is a medium to show your hidden talent of creativity.

Procedure to Make Rakhi Cards at Home
If you are contemplating about making Rakhi card at home for you dear bother, then these simple steps can guide you towards right direction.

Materials needed:
By following these easy steps, you can make Rakhi at home. To make the card attractive, one can consider attaching any handmade painting with it. Painting of Ganesha or Swastika will be apt for such card. Using embroidery design in the card is not a bad idea at all. In addition to it, one can also mention a suitable poem in it or can write a short note describing about one's special feeling for such cheerful occasion. It is true that shops and markets offer Rakhi cards with numerous mind blowing designs, but one cannot deny the fact that there is no substitute of homemade Rakhi cards due to the special emotion attached with it.

Rakhi E-Cards
Utilizing Rakhi e-cards is convenient for those who neither have time to purchase Rakhi cards nor to prepare it at home. Rakhi e-cards are the latest contribution of e-commerce technology that aims to lessen people's time and energy. The best part of sending Rakhi e-card is that, it can reach in any part of the world without wasting one's valuable time and of course, one's hard earned money. To send such e-card one need to go through various types of sites where Rakhi cards are available. Nowadays, there are a number of sites that offer free Rakhi cards. With a single click of a mouse, one can send these types of cards to preferred destination. Usage of e-cards for such occasion has become popular for those who do not want to go for a lengthy ritual.

The sense of fraternity has become an indispensable part of maintaining peace and harmony at present scenario. Though the mode of expressing care and love on the occasion of Rakhi has gone through certain alteration, yet it can be said that the perpetual bondage between siblings has remained unchanged. We all know that change is inevitable. Still we all expect that relationships between brothers and sisters should defy the rules of change forever.