Pongal is celebrated by Tamils all across the world. Find here how Pongal is celebrated in various parts of the world.

Pongal Around the World

Pongal, the Tamil harvest festival is celebrated with great zest and vigor by Indian all around the world. With the dispersion of Tamils all across the globe, the jubilations and festivities surrounding this prominent harvest festival of south India can now be witness throughout the world. For Tamils living abroad, far off their homeland, the festival of Pongal holds great significance as it keeps them tied in to their culture and traditions. Apart from neighboring countries like Sri Lanka which houses a great many Tamils, the celebrations of pongal can be witnessed even throughout Australia, the European countries as well as the USA, where a significant Tamil community resides. On this day Tamils in all around the world prepare luscious foods and offer their prayers wherever they be. One of the most delicious sweet dishes prepared from rice, milk, cardamom, jaggery, raisins, mung dhal, and cashew nuts is one of the most important delicacies prepared during the festival. If you wish to know how the festival of pongal is celebrated all around the world, scroll down.

Pongal Celebration Worldwide

Pongal In Africa
In African countries such as Mauritius and South Africa the festival of Pongal is celebrated with remarkable zeal. As a huge population of Tamils live here, the festival of Pongal here is recognized as a public holiday. All the rituals associated with festival are performed with immense sincerity and Indians from all over the region join the festivities. There are several cultural organizations which organize many cultural festivals in different cities in these regions.

Pongal In Europe
In European countries like Britain, France, Germany and Spain etc. one can witness the pongal celebrations being celebrated on a grand scale. All the Hindu temples in these regions are elegantly decorated by the local Tamil residents and great banquets are organized. The Indians also take part in several cultural festivals associated with Pongal.

Pongal In America
Around one third of a million Tamils reside in the USA and other American countries such as Canada. A great settlement of Tamils exists in countries like Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago and other places in the Caribbean as well as Guyana and Suriname in South America. These people of Tamil descent who have been living in these far off lands for generations still hold to their culture and tradition. Several cultural associations here take the initiative of organizing grand functions on the occasion of Pongal and the festival is celebrated very much in accordance to the rituals and customs.

Pongal In South East Asia
In Southeast Asian countries like Pongal in Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia and Myanmar, the local Tamil population actively takes part in the Pongal celebrations. Over course of four day celebration of Pongal, the temples in the region are decorated ornately and all the rituals are performed with immense zeal and sincerity. People clean their houses and cook food according to the Pongal traditions. Rice is also cooked in temples while reciting Pongal prayers. Huge banquets are organized and the festivities are marked by singing, dancing and elaborate prayers.

Pongal in the Gulf
In the Gulf counties like Bahrain, Qatar, UAE, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, the festival Pongal offers an opportunity for the Hindu community to spend some time together and celebrate the culture and the tradition. Indians gather on this day and elaborate meals are organized. Traditional dances and songs are also performed at community centers on this auspicious day.

The celebrations of pongal can be witnesses all around the world owing to the diaspora of Tamil population. Be it India or any other country the festivities and rejoicing surrounding the festival remains the same.

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