Karwa Chauth is a festival observed by married women in India.

Karwa Chauth

The word 'Karwa' means earthen spout and it represents prosperity and peace, whereas the word 'Chauth' refers to 'fourth day'. Karwa Chauth is an Indian festival that has made a significant impression on Indian culture. This festival originated during the ancient times and is still considered as one of the most divine festivals even today. As per the traditions, married Hindu women observe fast throughout the day for their husband's longevity and prosperity. Karwa Chauth is celebrated on the fourth day of the 'Karthik' month. Communities belonging to the northern and western parts of India, especially in states such as Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh, Punjab and Rajasthan, observe this festival in the most religious manner. However, the celebration of this glorious festival differs from one region to another.

The married women dress in fine red or orange colored clothing, which are the colors that symbolize auspiciousness. They adorn themselves with bridal jewellery and makeup and their hands are designed with beautiful henna designs too. Inspired by the many legends connected to the Karwa Chauth festival, there are several rituals performed during this event. There are significant rituals with regard to the worship of earthen pots or 'karwas', and these are filled with sweets as part of the festivities. Brides receive their 'sargi' from their mother-in-laws, which is a sweet consumed before the fasting ritual. A 'thali' plate containing gifts, also known as the 'baya' is exchanged by the women in the family. The fasting takes place from sunrise to sunset, and throughout the day they offer prayers to God and listen to the stories of Karwa Chauth. After they observe the moon through a sieve, the women break their fasts by consuming water and a bite of food, offered by their husbands. The whole family will then assemble to feast on delicious food. The preparation for the Karwa Chauth festival begins at least one week before the actual day.

Karwa Chauth
Karvachauth is a major festival of North India. On this day married women observe a day long fast for the well being, prosperity and long life of their husbands. Unmarried girls also observe this fast with the belief that by doing so they will get a loving and caring husband.

Legends of Karwa Chauth
Karwa Chauth is one of the most significant festivals in India. This traditional festival is celebrated every year, on the fourth day of the month of 'Karthik'. Extremely popular in North India, Karwa Chauth is celebrated by married Hindu women. The Hindu wives dress in exquisite clothing, adorn theirs hands with henna

Karwa Chauth Origin
Karwa Chauth is a unique fasting festival witnessed only in India. This one-day festival is celebrated once a year, on the fourth day of the 'Karthik' month according to the Hindu calendar. The term 'Karwa' means earthen pot, which symbolizes peace and prosperity and 'Chauth' refers to 'fourth day'.

Karwa Chauth Recipes
Karwa Chauth is a one-day festival religiously observed by married Hindu women in certain Indian communities. Celebrated during the month of 'Karthik', this festival is considered as one of the most special days in a year, and is commemorated on a grand scale.