This article highlights some of the most delectable Bakri Id recipes that you make and enjoy with your entire family.

Bakri Id Recipes

Bakri Id is a day of rejoicing for Muslims not just in India but across the world. This holy day symbolizes sacrifice, faith and devotion, it is enjoyed by one all and is marked by great feasting, once the prayers are offered to the all mighty. Like any festival in India, no matter of which community, food is a major part of this auspicious occasion as well. Days before the festival, Muslims start to prepare for the day by taking out their best as well as favorite mutton recipes. The menu of the day includes various kinds of exquisite and delightful biryanis, keemas and kebabs. The sacrificial meat remains the central ingredient in most of the main course dishes as well as snacks. Thus, traditional as well as contemporary mutton recipes are in great demand during this festival.

Desserts are also a very important part of the Bakri Id celebrations and are eaten with great relished by one and all, no matter of what age. People visit each other houses and also go around distributing the sacrificial meat to their relatives as well as neighbors. To hand out meat and other food items as alms to the less privileged is also a significant tradition followed by Muslims on this occasion. Thus, food indeed is an integral part of Bakri-Id's revelry, therefore we have come up with this section that will provide you with some simple yet delectable mutton as well as well dessert recipes, that you can prepare easily and impress your family as well as guests this Bakri-Id.

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